3 weeks ago

Hi, Atima

11:07 am

Hey Varun

11:08 am

How are you?

11:08 am

I am Okay .. Yea ..

11:15 am


11:16 am

Yea .. So ..

11:16 am

haha .. I am listening ..

11:18 am

Tell me something - what do you do when there are 100 things going on all at once?

11:19 am
2.5 weeks ago

All is fine.

12:07 pm

So what's going on these days?

12:18 pm

Nothing much. Usual. Its good though ..

12:18 pm

Usual? Don't like it. Knoe?

12:20 pm

That's how it is, right. I mean, there is a pattern you follow & you get bored after a while.

12:21 pm

You go travel over a weekend or something .. It feels good again.

12:21 pm


01:01 pm

So, is it the pattern only that's bothering you?

01:01 pm

Its not bothering me .. as such ..

01:07 pm


01:21 pm
2 weeks ago

Hey, Watch dis video! The guy looks so much like you!

08:07 pm

Hahah .. Naa Naa

08:07 pm

But see the video's title is Thirst .. I happen to work with the company called Thirst.iq.

08:07 pm

hahaa .. Cool right?

08:11 pm

It is .. But you know what this guy doesn't look like me .. haahah

08:12 pm

hahaa ..
How's working with Thirst like?

08:27 pm

Its great - I'd say.. Its like living a dream ..

08:29 pm

Tell me more about this dream?

08:34 pm
1 week ago

hahaha! Good Night ma’am.

03:10 pm

Ma'am???????? See, I have a name and I LIKE MY NAME!

03:11 pm

I know. Was teasing you ;)

03:12 pm

hahaha....I know you were.

03:17 pm

Wait .. Let me scroll up & read all the messages you sent me last night

03:17 pm

Oh . Please do ..

03:21 pm

Man! you are a Steve Jobs fan, yeah? A big one.

03:22 pm

By the way, things are pretty much same for me. I have never been stuck with one religion or God. I believe in all, connect to all.

03:22 pm

Not a fan.

03:27 pm

He is kinda guide and philosopher to me. I find answers through him. And that's how you should do it - who knows who we are - at least we aren't just some Hindus or Muslims ..

03:27 pm

Watched Dear Zindagi?

11:00 am

Naa .. Heard its good. You?

11:00 am

Of course. Its part of my favorites now.

11:01 am

You know what, the kind of movies we watch or like say a lot about us.

11:03 am

I guess.. Yea. I like a lot of movies though.

11:17 am

I am sure .. what kind of movies you like?

11:23 am

I like Imtiaz Ali's movies. Rockstar is my favorite. I like Highway. I like Tamasha.

11:25 am

I love AR Rahman's music in all of these movies. These movies .. the music .. its like it takes you somewhere ..

11:25 am

What about Rockstar & where does the music take you?

11:30 am

I don't know .. somewhere I like to be .. makes me feel so good as if I am actually there ..

11:35 am

What's so different there?

11:37 am

Rockstar .. Its a great story of a man's journey of finding himself .. He comes from nowhere and is a nobody .. He plays average guitar. He lives his days just like everyone.

11:40 am

But he falls in love and that changes everything. I tell you this though - its not a love story. Its about madness, passion and being obsessed with what you want.

11:40 am

and what are you obsessed with?

11:40 am

I don't know .. may be knowing myself.

11:41 am

which part of yours?

11:41 am

and yes .. you were right. I can see why I connect to the movie ..

11:41 am